Sabre Training Course

The Sabre GDS Fares Pricing Ticketing EMDs

Each block of lessons contains an exercise and a quiz

Training Introduction

Lesson 1101-100-2 — Navigation Tutorial

Automated Fares and Ticketing, Airline Fares, Fare Rules

Itinerary Pricing, Itinerary Pricing - Bargain Finder, Itinerary Pricing - Secondary Action Codes, Itinerary Pricing - Stored Fares

Ticketing, Issuing Tickets from queue, Invoice and Itinerary functions, Ticket Exchange and Refund

Final Assessment Exam

Sabre Emulator

Structure: 11 Lessons, 3 Exercises, 3 Quizzes, 1 Exam                

Average Completion Time: 20hrs                     

Cost: £110.00 / A$230.00

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