All of our temps are paid on a weekly basis and are guaranteed the best possible pay rates per hour.  

Each week, you simply fill in a timesheet for each day that you’ve worked, rounding off your hours to the nearest quarter. 

Once you have established what hours have been worked for the week, get the timesheet signed by a authorised manager and then fax it to our payroll division on 0207 347 5061

Please ensure that your authorised timesheet is received by us by 1pm on the Monday after the last day worked.

Method of payment

Payment is made weekly in arrears directly into your bank or building society account via the BACS system. If you do not have a bank account, you must open one. You can expect payment into your account every Friday, but this is dependent upon you submitting a correctly completed timesheet before 1pm on the Monday before.

Please note that payments cannot be paid into third party accounts and all cheques are 'Account Payee only'. 

Your payslip and timesheet will be posted to you by first class mail, and will show the BACS payment date and bank account credited

It is essential that you complete a New starter form with confirmation of your bank account details and send it to our payroll Department prior to submitting your first timesheet, Failure to do this may result in your payment being delayed. A copy of the new starter form can be obtained from our payroll division.

If you do wish to check that you have been paid, you should first contact your bank for confirmation that a BACS payment has been made into your account. Please note that checking your account using a bank ATM machine may not give up-to-date details as the information is only updated periodically.