Finding The Right Candidate

Once your vacancy has been registered, we will prepare and insert advertising in the appropriate media. We will manage all the advertising response, ensuring initial enquiries result in a formal application.

Job postings attract hundreds of active job seekers, including those who do not fit the job description. Our consultants use their extensive travel industry experience to screen all applications and only put forward candidates with the necessary skills and experience required. We will also make a detailed search on our specialised in-house database, which holds details of thousands of current job seekers. We will then ask candidates to attend preliminary interviews at one of our offices.

Interview Screening & Selection Process

  • We aim to interview every candidate that registers with Travel Trade Recruitment.
  • We believe that the interview process is one of the most important functions of a recruitment consultant's role.
  • Our trained consultants employ a variety of questioning techniques and active listening skills to gather a comprehensive overview of each individual, covering work history, motivations, priorities, personality profile, career aspirations and desired work environment.
  • We provide the candidate with accurate details of the job description plus any relevant information about your company (we encourage all clients to supply us with any company literature that may be of interest to future employees).
  • We will ask the candidate to complete any test that you may request.
  • Once our selection process has been completed we will provide you with a shortlist of suitable candidate details and arrange interviews for each candidate that you would like to see.
  • Following each interview our consultant will get feedback from the candidate and agree the next course of action with you.
  • Negotiating the offer
  • Once you're happy to offer the position, we will negotiate the offer on your behalf, making sure your requirements and those of the new employee are fully met.

At Travel Trade Recruitment we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality recruitment service possible.