Sabre Training Course

How to Operate the Sabre GDS - 90 Hour Training Course

Each block of lessons contains an exercise and/or a quiz

Training Introduction

Navigation Tutorial, System Basics, What is Sabre?

Airline Reservations

 Course Intro, System Access, Encode/Decode, PNR Retrieval, Similar Name Lists

Displaying PNR Subfields, Flight Availability, Return Availability, Flight Detail Displays, Decode Mixed Booking Codes, Airline Alliances, Selling from availability

Passenger names, passenger telephone numbers, Ticketing arrangement and received-from, Building complete PNRs, End transaction, Cancellations, Change/Delete Basic Passenger Data

Remarks, Form of Payment and Psgr Address, Frequent Flyer, Travel Advisory Firm, Addresses, Passenger E-Mail Addresses, Messaging, Change and Delete non-essential PNR fields

Advanced City Pair Availability, Availability Sales Tags, Direct Flight Booking, Open Segs, Waitlisted Segs, Book-Conf Segs, ARNK

Cancelling and Rebooking Flights, Insert Segments, Reduce the Number in Party, Divide a Party

STARs, Seat Reservations, Book Seats by Area, Seat Maps, Seat Assignment from a Seat Map, Cancel Reserved Seats

The Queue System I, The Queue System II, Calculator, Calendar and Time, Functions, Currency, FLIFO, Minimum Connecting Times, Format Finder, Total Access, Direct Access Function, Multi Access Function of Total Access

Final Assessment Exam

Sabre Emulator

Automated Fares and Ticketing

Airline Fares, Fare Rules, Itinerary Pricing, Itinerary Pricing - Bargain Finder, Itinerary Pricing - Secondary Action Codes, Itinerary Pricing - Stored Fares

Ticketing, Issuing Tickets from queue, Invoice and Itinerary functions, Ticket Exchange and Refund

Final Assessment Exam

Final Assessment Exam - Course 1 and 2 combined

Sabre Emulator

Rental Car Reservations

Rental Car Reservations, Encode/Decode, Vehicle Codes, Car Associates List, Shopper's Car Quote from a Segment, Single-Company Car Quote, Car Quote Without a Segment

Car Quotes with Qualifiers, Car Quote Redisplay, Rental Car Reservations from Segment, Booking Qualifiers, Segment Modify

Car Location Lists, Extra Hour and Day Displays, Rule Displays, Policy Displays

Final Assessment Exam

Sabre Emulator

Hotel Reservations

Intro to Hotel System, Encode and Decode, Hotel Index Displays, Hotel Description Displays, Hotel Rate Descriptions, Hotel Reservations Room

Hotel Index Displays with No Dates, Hotel Index Displays by Reference Point, Hotel Index Displays with Search Qualifiers, Hotel Index Redisplay and Update, Advanced Hotel Description

Qualifiers in the Sell Entry, More Qualifiers in the Sell Entry, Hotel Reservation Changes

Final Assessment Exam

Sabre Emulator

Amtrak Reservations (each lesson is followed by an exam)

Introduction, Booking, Ticketing, Changes and Cancellations

Structure: 67 Lessons, 19 Quizzes, 16 Exercises, 9 Exams 

Average Completion Time: 70hrs                     

Cost: £539.00 / A$ 1125.00