Since October 1998 holiday pay for Temporary Workers changed from an initial 13 week qualifying period to a day one qualifying Period. This means that from the day you commence work with an Agency, you start to accrue holiday pay.

An Agency that does not pay holiday pay or suggests that you must work 13 weeks is breaking the Law and you should seek advice from either the Citizens Advice Bureau or seek Legal Advice

Each of our temporary workers are statutorily entitled to a maximum 28 days holiday per annum pro rata.

If a Worker does not work a full year, then his or her holiday entitlement is prorated (e.g. a part-time Worker working three days per week would get 3/5ths, which is 16.8 days (3/5*28).

The method of payment is referred to as accrued holiday pay; your pay is effectively ‘banked’ and held until you actually take the holiday due to you. You will be paid your holiday pay the week after you have taken your holiday, just as you are for the assignments that you undertake.

This “accrued” method will also help you manage your holiday pay and ensures that when you take time off you have the comfort of knowing that funds will be available.

The holiday year runs between January 1st and December 31st each calendar year

A Holiday Pay Question and Answer sheet will be included in your starter pack - these can be obtained from your consultant; alternatively click on the frequently asked questions on the right of this page

How is it calculated?

Holiday pay is calculated by adding holiday pay 12.07% (5.6/46.4 weeks) to the basic pay rate. Out of 52 weeks a year, you work 46.4 weeks, so you are entitled to 5.6 weeks statutory holiday (52 weeks – 46.4 weeks = 5.6 weeks)
If your basic hourly rate is £10.00, the holiday pay calculation will be as follows: 
Basic pay Rate = £10 x 12.07% = £1.20 The Holiday pay accrued is therefore £1.20 per hour.
Holiday pay is ONLY accrued on basic working hours and overtime; bonuses and expenses are not included.

The above information refers to temporary workers of PAYE status only.
Travel Trade recruitment is not responsible for paying holiday pay to workers who work via a Limited Company. It is the Limited Company’s responsibility to ensure their workers receive holiday pay.