Galileo Training Course

How to Operate the Galileo GDS Focus on Fares, Pricing and Ticketing Functionality

There is a Quiz at the end of each block of lessons

Training Introduction 

Navigation Tutorial

Basic fare quotes and Best Buy entries, Fare quotes with segment and passenger selection, No stopover, selling/ticketing country, and sale date qualifiers, Working with filed fares, Exercise - Practice of the entries taught in Lessons 1-4

Ticketing qualifiers, Ticketing, Ticketing BFs from queue, Exercise - Practice of the entries taught in Lessons 5-7

Basic Fare displays, Additional fare displays, North American Fare displays, Fare notes, Fare components and notes, Ticket Exchange and Refund

Final Assessment Exam

Galileo Emulator

Structure: 14 Lessons, 4 Quizzes, 2 Exercises, 1 Exam

Average Completion Time: 20 hrs

Cost: £199.00 / A$415.00

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