The only pre-requisites are a PC and an internet connection, which allows you to access the course from anywhere in the world.

Before accessing online training for the first time, you must download the Courseware Browser. The Courseware Browser will serve as your interface to online training. The Courseware Browser works much like a web browser, except it's been specially designed for online training.

There are two ways in which you can access the courses:

1. Windows App Courseware Browser (formerly Standalone Courseware Browser)
If you have Windows 98 or higher, and Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, and have access rights to install software, choose this option; it offers the best user experience available. The response times are fast and the user interface is rich. A one-time download is required, but after that, there is no need to launch your web browser. This option runs independently of your web browser.
2. Web App Courseware Browser (formerly Integrated Courseware Browser)
If you don't have Windows or have Windows but don't have permission to install software, this option is for you. This option requires no download. It runs through your web browser like Google Mail. A fairly recent browser, such as Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox, Mozilla, or Safari is required. Minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution required.
Downloading the Courseware Browser simply means downloading the Setup Program, which will allow you to view the course lessons, exercises, quizzes, and final exams.

To download the Setup Program, click on the link below and follow the instructions.  After a minute or two of downloading, the Setup Program will run itself on your computer. Click "OK" from the Setup Program. Within seconds, VIASINC icons will appear in your Start Menu and on your desktop. When you're ready to start training, click one of the VIASINC icons to launch the Courseware Browser. Enter your account ID and password when prompted. That's it. You only need to download the Setup Program once. Simply connect to the Internet and click the VIASINC icon whenever you wish to study. There is no need to start Internet Explorer.