Sabre Training Course 

How to Operate the Sabre GDS Conversion Course for Galileo Users

Each block of lessons contains an exercise and/or a quiz

Training Introduction
Navigation Tutorial
Accessing the system, encoding, decoding, CPA and entering passenger data into a PNR, Changing/deleting data and rebooking entries, Itinerary Pricing and Ticketing
Entering and changing remarks, addresses, AFAX and GFAX, Frequent flyer data and STARs, Wait listing and Inserting Open Segments, inserting segments
Fare quotation and fare rules, Assigning seats, displaying seat maps, Learn about queues
Divide a Party and Reduce the Number in Party
Verify itinerary, flight details and total access, Date, time, currency, calculator and printer functions
Car quotes, rules, policies and lists, Hotel Indexes, descriptions and bookings
Final Assessment Exam
Sabre Emulator

Structure: 16 Lessons, 5 Exercises, 4 Quizzes, 1 Exam                    
Average Completion Time: 20hours                     
Cost: £149 / Aus S311

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