Don’t… Lie on your CV or in an interview
The travel industry is a small place. Make sure you sell your skills and achievements, but don’t lie or exaggerate - it may come back to bite you! Please let your Travel Trade Recruitment Consultant know if there are any errors on your CV when you both go through your details at the initial briefing stage.

Don’t… Turn up late or postpone the interview at the last minute
You’d need a cast iron excuse to rescue things after being late for an interview, so be prepared and leave early. Arriving 15 minutes before will not only help you look keen, but give you chance to compose yourself. If you’re earlier than this have a last look at your research notes before heading in.

Don’t… Turn up scruffy
Blow them away with your personality, not your perfume! Don’t smoke or drink coffee just before you go in, or chew gum during the interview.

Don’t… Leave your mobile phone on!
Turn it off – no excuses!


Don’t… Be nervous
Easier said than done, but if you can’t get passed your nerves and sell yourself, you might just blow it. Remember, they wouldn’t have offered you an interview if they weren’t interested in you, so relax, focus, and let your experience and personality shine.

Don’t… Get too familiar
The laid back style of interview is more and more common, but don’t get caught off guard and say something inappropriate. You should present a professional image, so refrain from cracking jokes, swearing or letting slip you’re known as the ‘party animal’ in your current company!
Don’t… Bitch
Whether you hate your current job, company or boss, do not mention anything negative in the interview because it may just reflect badly on you. Instead focus on why you want this particular job and the opportunity it presents.