DO… Get advice from your Travel Trade Recruitment Consultant
Different companies have different interview styles and formats, so speak to your Travel Trade Recruitment Consultant and prepare accordingly.

DO… Know your CV
It might sound obvious, but knowing what’s on your CV is crucial when presenting a consistent image. The interviewer will base most of their questions around your CV, so make sure you know your companies, dates, qualifications, hobbies, etc.

DO… Company research
Researching the company will enable you to talk about their business and how you can impact upon it. Look at the company website, corporate & sales literature, press releases, reviews and professional accreditations & affiliations, which will help you find out about key products & services, USP’s, target market, company culture and competitors.

DO… Practice answering interview questions
The interviewer will ask a mixture of common and tough interview questions to gage your capabilities and how well you cope under pressure. Make sure you answer with examples that demonstrate your skills, work experience and key achievements.

DO… Prepare to ask questions
Demonstrate you have researched the company and are interested in the role by preparing a handful of questions to ask the interviewer. Question ideas include: Training & development? Company plans for growth? Benefits? etc.

DO… Organise anything you need to take in advance
Depending on the format of your interview, you may need to take proof of identity, work visa, qualifications and references. If you have been asked to prepare a presentation, make sure you complete this well in advance and rehearse in front of the mirror and/or family/friends.

DO… Plan your outfit
Take advice from your TRAVEL TRADE RECRUITMENT consultant as to whether you need to be suited and booted for this particular company, or just dressed smartly.

DO… Plan your route to the interview?
Have you done a dummy run? Allowed for public transport delays or heavy traffic? Remember first impressions count and being late is unacceptable. You may be the best candidate for the role, but if the interviewer doubts your reliability you may well have ruined your chances.


DO… Be enthusiastic, positive and warm
Think firm handshake, warm smile and concise but friendly small talk upon introductions. Getting a job is as much about your personality and fit within the company, as your professional skills and experience, so take a deep breath and try to put your nerves aside. Be mindful of your body language, maintain a comfortable level of eye contact and present yourself with the best opportunity for securing a job offer.

DO… Listen to the interviewers questions
Make sure you have understood the interviewers question before you answer, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification and take a little time to compose yourself if needed. Preparing answers to common questions will help you respond more concisely, calmly and quickly.