Sabre Training Course

The Sabre GDS 45-Hour Course with Worksheets 

There is a Quiz at the end of each block of lessons

Navigation Tutorial: The Sabre GDS

System Basics: What is a GDS?, What is Sabre? Sign In, Sign Out, Encode and Decode

Basic Flight Schedules and Availability: Flight Schedules, Flight Availability, Time Zones and Return Availability, Availability Shortcuts, Codeshares, Airline Alliances and LCCs

Flight Information: Flight Information and FLIFO

Basic Flight Reservations: Flight Reservations from Availability

Basic PNR Concepts:  Basic PNR Retrieval and Interpretation, Similar Name Lists and PNR Subfields

Basic PNR Creation, Required PNR Data, Create Basic PNRs

Advanced PNR Concepts: Optional PNR Data

Advanced PNR Creation: Infant Passenger Names, Forms of Payment, Remarks, Messaging Overview, OSI Messages, Service Request SSR Messages, Frequent-flyer Field, Security, Information SSR Messages, Passenger Contact SSR Messages, Child and Infant SSR Messages, Addresses

Seating: Seat Maps, Seat Assignment by Number, Seat Assignment by Area

Itinerary Changes and Cancellations: Cancellations, Insert Segments, Rebooking Flights with New Booking Code or Date

Passenger Data Changes: Delete Passenger Data, Change Passenger Data

Advanced Flight Reservations: Direct Flight Booking, ARNK Segments 

Basic Airline Fares and Fare Rules: Airline Fares Overview, Multi-Airline Fares, Single-Airline Fares, Airline Fare Display Qualifiers, Introduction to Fare Rules

Basic Itinerary Pricing: Basic Itinerary Pricing, Bargain Finder Pricing, Basic Pricing Qualifiers, Pricing Selection Qualifiers, Stored Fares

Basic Ticketing: Basic Ticketing

Structure: 67 lessons, 19 quizzes, 1 final exam

Average Completion Time: 45 hours.

Cost: £199.00 / $A415.00