Sabre Training Course

The Sabre GDS Car Reservations

Each block of lessons contains an exercise and/or a quiz

Training Introduction

Lesson 1101-100-2 — Navigation Tutorial

Rental Car Reservations, Encode/Decode, Vehicle Codes, Car

Associates List

Shopper's Car Quote from a Segment, Single-Company Car Quote, Car Quote Without a Segment

Car Quotes with Qualifiers, Car Quote Redisplay, Rental Car Reservations from Segment, Booking Qualifiers, Segment Modify

Car Location Lists, Extra Hour and Day Displays, Rule Displays, Policy Displays

Final Assessment Exam

Sabre Emulator

Structure: 9 Lessons, 3 Quizzes, 3 Exercises, 1 Exam          

Average Course Completion: 20hrs                 

Cost: £110.00 / $A £230.00

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