The Amadeus GDS Airline Reservations

There is a Drill after each lesson and a Quiz and Exercise at the end of each block of lessons

Training Introduction Navigation Tutorial

The Amadeus GDS Airline Reservations 

Introduction, Sign In and Out, Work Areas Encode and Decode, Introduction to the PNR, PNR Redisplay, Displaying PNR SubFields, Practice retrieving 5 PNRs, 

Timetables, Flight Details, Flight Availability, Return Availability, Schedules, Shortcut Flight Info, Practice working with timetables and availability displays

Booking Seats from Availability, Name Elements, Contact Elements, Ticketing Element, Received-From Element, Creating and Ending a complete PNR, Delete Required PNR Data, Practice working with basic PNRs

Mailing Address and Billing Address Elements, General Remark and OSI Message Elements, SSR Message Elements, Passenger Information Elements, Frequent Flyer Elements, Delete Optional PNR Data, Practice working with PNRs

Advance Seating Requests, Seat Maps, Request Specific Seats, Specific Seat Wish, Modify Seating, Calculator and Currency Functions, Minimum Connect Times, Help system, AIS

Final Assessment Exam

Amadeus Emulator

Airline Reservations II

Advanced Availability Entries, Access Types, Direct Flight Booking, Waitlist, Open/ARNK/Passive Segments, Practice working with 5 PNRs

PNR Claim, Split Party, Non-Homogeneous PNRs, Customer Profiles, Practice of advanced PNR concepts

Queue Count, Queue Placement, Option Element, Queue Access/Exit, Remove/Delay Queued PNRs, Change Segment Status, Schedule Change, Waitlist Assurance, Practice working with queues

Final Assessment Exam

Amadeus Emulator

Structure: 32 Lessons, 31 Drills, 9 Quizzes, 7 Exercises, 4 Exams

Average Completion Time: 20 hrs

Cost: £159.00 / A$332.00

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