How to Operate the Amadeus GDS Quick Course without Car Hire and Hotel Functionality

Training Introduction

Navigation Tutorial, Rudimentary Technology, What is a GDS?

There is a Quiz at end of each block of lessons

How to Operate the Amadeus GDS System Basics

What is Amadeus?, Amadeus GDS Work Environment, Sign In, Sign Out, Encode and Decode


Timetable Displays, Return Timetable Displays

Basic Flight Schedules and Availability

Flight Availability and Return Availability, Availability Change Entries, Flight Schedules, Questions on the Material, Basic Flight Reservations, Flight Reservations from Availability

Basic PNR Concepts

Basic PNR Retrieval, Basic PNR Interpretation

Basic PNR Creation

Required PNR Data, Basic PNRs

Advanced PNR Concepts

PNRs with Multiple Passenger NamesPNRs with Remarks, OSI Messages, AddressesPNRs with SSR Messages, Frequent Flyer Data, Seating

Advanced PNR Creation

Forms of Payment, Remarks, Messaging Overview, OSI Messages, Service Request SSR Messages, Frequent Flyer Elements, Security Information SSR Messages, Addresses


Seat Maps, Assign Specific Seats, Seat Assignment by Area Preference

Itinerary Changes and Cancellations

Cancellations, Rebooking Flights from Availability, Rebooking Flights with New Booking Code or Date

Passenger Data Changes

Delete Passenger Data, Change Passenger Data

Advanced Flight Availability

Access Types and Indicators, Building Connections and Minimum Connecting Times

Advanced Flight Reservations

Priority Waitlist

Basic Airline Fares and Fare Notes

Airline Fares Overview, Multi-Airline Fares, Carrier-Specific Airline Fares, Introduction to Fare Notes

Basic Itinerary Pricing

Basic Itinerary Pricing, Best Buy Itinerary Pricing

Basic Ticketing

Basic Ticketing


Queue Count, Queue Placement, Queue Access

Reference Systems

Introduction to Help Resources, Help System, Miscellaneous Reference Entries

Final Examinations

Exam — Airline Reservations

Exam — Fares and Ticketing

Freeform Emulators

Emulator — Selling Platform Connect Emulator

Structure: 50 Lessons, 17 Quizzes, 2 Exams

Average Completion Time: 25 hrs

Cost: £199 / AUS $415

To purchase this course please email us with your contact details and we will contact you to arrange payment and set up the course.

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