The Amadeus GDS Car Reservations

There is a Drill after each lesson and a Quiz and Exercise at the end of each block of lessons

Training Introduction

Lesson 1101-100-2 — Navigation Tutorial

Car Location Lists, Display and Book from Multi-Company Car Availability, Display and Book from Single-Company Car Availability, Direct Car Availability Entries

Car Availability Options, Rental Car Reservations Qualifiers and Direct Rental Car Reservations

Car Segment Modify Entries, Car Rate Features, Car Terms, Rental Car Policies

Final Assessment Exam

Amadeus Emulator

Structure: 8 Lessons, 8 Drills, 3 Quizzes, 2 Exercises, 1 Exams

Average Completion Time: 20 hrs

Cost:  £110.00 / $A230.00

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